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Virtual Reality From Your Phone?
– Everything You Need To Know

Experince the world like never before.

The concept of “Virtual Reality” or “VR” has been thrown around for some time now. Dating back to the 1960’s, the idea first emerged with Howard Rheingold’s multi-sensory theatre machine called The Sensorama. It showed special short films like a bicycle ride through Brooklyn that included a wide-angle theatre view, body-tilting stimulation, stereo sound, and wind and aroma triggers throughout the film. It was incredibly advanced for its time, but due to lack of funding – there was only 1 prototype machine built – VR didn’t seem like it was possible until 2013 when the world was first introduced to the Oculus Rift prototype.

However, today’s virtual reality is advancing fast and and is no longer just a thing found in research labs or Kickstarter campaigns. VR-capable devices and hardware are now available anywhere to anyone with a smartphone – yes, that minicomputer you keep in your pocket is the single most important device in VR today.

Discover Smartphone Virtual Reality

Already equipped with all the ingredients you need for VR – your smartphone has a good screen, enough processing power to play videos or simple games, and its built-in accelerometer and compass tackles the head-tracking issue that VR makers have spent years trying to perfect. As fast as today’s smartphone technology is advancing, VR is also steadily evolving, utilizing the more powerful processing power and 4K or better screens of newer smartphones.

How Can You Unlock Virtual Reality
From Your Pocket?

It’s dead-simple. The internet is filled with FREE VR apps, videos, games, and experiences. A quick VR search in your app store or YouTube will bring up hours of FREE VR entertainment you can play from your phone (did I say FREE?!). And paired with the right VR headset, you are ready to be completely immersed in a virtual reality wonderland.

Picking The Right VR Headset

What makes a good VR headset? First and foremost – comfort. To fully and completely immerse yourself while comfortably experiencing hours of VR entertainment, strapping a phone to your face should feel like a magical digital cloud that will whisk you away from reality.

Second, your VR headset should be compatible with any smartphone. With the minicomputers in our pockets rapidly evolving, you need a device that is versatile enough to keep up.

And lastly, you need a controller for a complete hands-free experience. In most cases, VR will use head-tracking for simple menu selections, but for more advanced navigation, your smartphone and VR gaming will need a separate device. A Bluetooth controller or gamepad will let you play VR games and control your phone when you are inside VR so you won’t have to constantly remove your smartphone from your headset to change apps, menus, or answer an incoming text.

Raptor VR Virtual Reality Headset

Raptor VR hits all the above points. It is designed with breathable premium soft leather cushions, flexible, adjustable straps, and engineered to fully customize peripheral and focal depth for all-day comfort. High definition optical resin lenses with 8-layer nano-coatings allow for complete immersive focus for 1080p 3D VR adventures.

Raptor VR is compatible with any smartphone with screen sizes between 4.7” to 6.0”. Side air-vents allow you access to charge and use your smartphone at the same time and connect your favorite headphones for a totally immersive VR experience.

What’s even cooler is Raptor VR’s removable magnetic cover, which reveals your smartphone’s camera so you can experience augmented reality.

What is augmented reality (AR)? Evolving just as quickly, AR technology superimposes a computer-generated image on top of the viewer’s point of view. So instead of immersing yourself in a make-believe or completely computer-generated environment, you can interact with digital elements in your real reality. Pet a virtual puppy in your living room or fight off zombies in your backyard.

Raptor VR also has a Bluetooth gamepad controller that will not only work with your smartphone in VR mode for engaging gaming action, but you can also utilize it outside VR. Acting as a universal remote for your phone, you can control your music and video players, camera, and phone functions wirelessly.

The Time To Explore VR is Now!

Virtual reality has the power to bring anything to life. Explore new worlds without leaving the comfort of your home - experience what astronauts see in outer space, walk through the vast lands of Africa, and feel the hustle and bustle of New York City without the crowd.

Something as simple as being able to watch a movie on your phone and have it feel like you are in an IMAX theatre with your friends rather than watching off your 5-inch screen should be enough to convince anyone to dive headfirst into the virtual reality world. And why wouldn’t you? If you own a smartphone, you’re already halfway there – now all you need is RAPTOR VR.

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